You should love being a part of every minute of your story.


     Some say a photograph is worth a thousand words.  I say a photograph is worth more, it should tell a very beautiful story.  When you are sitting around with family and friends looking through photo albums, have you ever wondered what kind of story your photos tell about you?  Have you looked back at those memories thinking you were glad you had them?  Do you remember your reaction when you look back at old pictures?  When I look back on photos of my childhood I laugh because some of my outfits and hair styles were hysterical!

     At the age of 10 I was given my first camera and I was always looking for reasons to take pictures because I wanted to look back on them later in life. In February 2015, I lost my father after his long battle of COPD.  The thing I regret the most is not taking enough pictures with my Dad.  Then June of 2017, we were hit with another very hard loss of my Nephew, Mikey aka Rocketman.  He was a very passionate young man that encouraged everyone around him to follow their dreams and make every moment count.  Mikey is my inspiration for my photography business because I know he say, "Nanny do what you are passionate about!" 

     As a professional photographer, it is my goal to capture as many memories as possible so you will have them to cherish for many, many years.  I want you to feel completely relaxed during your session so you can let your personality shine in your photos.  When we are finished with your session, I want you to feel like you had the very best experience and know that your story will be passed on from generation after generation.

     I choose to use natural light for about 80 percent of my sessions because being outdoors gives you so many endless, creative opportunities to use nature as a background.  When choosing a location, I choose one that will compliment you and your style.  As adults something magical happens when we are outdoors, it seems to bring out the inner child in you and that is when the raw emotion comes out.  That's when you are creating the moments you want to capture for a lifetime.


"Live For The Moments. Capture The Memories. Share For A Lifetime."

- Katherine M Gleason Photography



Senior Class of 2018, Slidell Senior Photographer, Mandeville Senior Photographer, Covington Senior Photographer, Maddisonville Senior Photographer, Abita Springs Senior Photographer, Hammond Senior Photographer, Pearl River Louisiana Senior Photographer, St Tammany Senior Photographer, Pearl River Mississippi Senior Photographer, Picayune Mississippi Senior Photographer, Chalmette Senior Photographer, St Bernard Senior Photographer, New Orleans Senior Photographer, Orleans Parish Senior Photographer, Metairie Senior Photographer, Kenner Senior Photographer, Jefferson Parish Senior Photographer, Slidell Family Photographer, Mandeville Family Photographer, Covington Family Photographer, Maddisonville Family Photographer, Abita Springs Family Photographer, Hammond Family Photographer, Pearl River Louisiana Family Photographer, Pearl River Mississippi Family Photographer, Picayune Mississippi Family Photographer, St Tammany Family Photographer, Chalmette Family Photographer, St Bernard Family Photographer, New Orleans Family Photographer, Orleans Parish Family Photographer, Metairie Family Photographer, Kenner Family Photographer, Jefferson Parish Family Photographer, Slidell Milestone Photographer, Mandeville Milestone Photographer, Covington Milestone Photographer, Maddisonville Milestone Photographer, Abita Springs Milestone Photographer, Hammond Milestone Photographer, Pearl River Louisiana Milestone Photographer, Pearl River Mississippi Milestone Photographer, Picayune Mississippi Milestone Photographer, St Tammany Milestone Photographer, Chalmette Milestone Photographer, St Bernard Milestone Photographer, New Orleans Milestone Photographer, Orleans Parish Milestone Photographer, Metairie Milestone Photographer, Kenner Milestone Photographer, Jefferson Parish Milestone Photographer, Slidell Engagement Photographer, Mandeville Engagement Photographer, Covington Engagement Photographer, Maddisonville Engagement Photographer, Abita Springs Engagement Photographer, Hammond Engagement Photographer, Pearl River Louisiana Engagement Photographer, Pearl River Mississippi Engagement Photographer, Picayune Mississippi Engagement Photographer, St Tammany Engagement Photographer, Chalmette Engagement Photographer, St Bernard Engagement Photographer, New Orleans Engagement Photographer, Orleans Parish Engagement Photographer, Metairie Engagement Photographer, Kenner Engagement Photographer, Jefferson Parish Engagement Photographer, Slidell Bridal Photographer, Mandeville Bridal Photographer, Covington Bridal Photographer, Maddisonville Bridal Photographer, Abita Springs Bridal Photographer, Hammond Bridal Photographer, Pearl River Louisiana Bridal Photographer, Pearl River Mississippi Bridal Photographer, Picayune Mississippi Bridal Photographer, St Tammany Bridal Photographer, Chalmette Bridal Photographer, St Bernard Bridal Photographer, New Orleans Bridal Photographer, Orleans Parish Bridal Photographer, Metairie Bridal Photographer, Kenner Bridal Photographer, Jefferson Parish Bridal Photographer, Slidell Wedding Photographer, Mandeville Wedding Photographer, Covington Wedding Photographer, Maddisonville Wedding Photographer, Abita Springs Wedding Photographer, Hammond Wedding Photographer, Pearl River Louisiana Wedding Photographer, Pearl River Mississippi Wedding Photographer, Picayune Mississippi Wedding Photographer, St Tammany Wedding Photographer, Chalmette Wedding Photographer, St Bernard Wedding Photographer, New Orleans Wedding Photographer, Orleans Parish Wedding Photographer, Metairie Wedding Photographer, Kenner Wedding Photographer, Jefferson Parish Wedding Photographer,